The Socialite DJ Talks Summer Vacations

(cue Summertime by Will Smith)

It's summer time ladies!!! Yess I said Summer! The weather is hot, the kids are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and I KNOW you need a vacation. Trust me I know, for every reason you're saying you can't do a vacation is every reason why you need this damn vacation. I'm right there with you ladies trust me, I'm right there with you.

I myself won't be able to go on vacation this year. I know, I know. But hold on, don't kill the track yet! Let me tell you why you still should go on vacation this summer. Cause you need a break! I'm still living in my break from last year on my birthday. And let me tell you, that vacay was everything! It was well worth whatever I had to come back and fix, cause lets face it. There's always something to come back and fix. But OH MY GOD was it worth it. I had a blast, and it was only the weekend Lol.

Last year was my 25th birthday and my family got me a trip to the Bahamas on a cruise ship. How could I refuse that right! All paid trip to the Islands, all I had to do was go. 🙂 You better believe I was out. Haha. I definitely needed that! But first let me tell you!

  1. I got soo much sleep. Everyday I slept I felt the sleep. Like usually I get like 4 hours and I feel dragged. But on this trip it was like the sleep was sleep.
  2. I got to get dress and not have to worry about any of the unnecessarities I do on the everyday life. It didn't matter where I was going, if I had meetings, or any of that. I was able to just look cute. And thanks to Edge in Planet Hollywood with the hookup on the dress! Cause i'm telling y'all, couldn't nobody tell me anything on this trip in this dress. Lol Oh and on the beach Alex Presley gave me the perfect bathing suit! It was honestly just what I wanted. An all gold 1 piece with a cut out down the center. I really have some of the best sponsors. They really know how to hook your girl up.
  3. When I got back I was more pumped than ever to get to work. I had so many ideas flowing through my mind, on how to grow, where the business could go, and how to get there. It was like all the blocks were becoming see thru. They were still there but I could easily see how to surpass with my head on my shoulders.

Sleep, Stress, and Productivity are the top 3 reasons why women say they can't go on vacation. I have too much to do, i'm stressed because i'm behind on something, blah blah blah. Girl, take that vacation. Trust me, you want it, you need it. If your looking for something fun, and good for the whole family, I was on Bahamas Paradise and they a club for the kids, and something for the adults. Plus i'm sure their arcade room would keep any child occupied for a while. Give you some time to escape on over and enjoy that breeze the waters give. And if you don't have kids and your friends act like they can't go. This is where I tell you to grow a pair and book that trip still. Trust me, I went by myself and had the best time. You have the time to meet so many new people, because everyone is there for that good time anyways! So grab you a drink and sit by the bar, even the staff will hang out with you so you're not alone. Trust me ladies, science says you need one, your body and mind says you need one, and The Socialite DJ is saying you should probably get on one before it's too late and you look back your whole summer is gone with your checks. Lol

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