The Socialite DJ finds her Beer at Trustworthy Beer Co. in the Venetian

Vegas is known for many things, Casinos, Parties, The Strip, and now since the chefs are taking over the food. There are so many places you can go to find something that fits your liking. Literally, there's almost a little of everything here in this city. And usually I find a little of everything I like. Now, I've never been one to like beer to much. I remember going to the NACS show for the first time. That's the convention that holds all of your favorite snacks, drinks, etc. of things you would find at your convenience store.

I remember walking through the show, and seeing all these different types of beers, and it had got my mind wandering. See, my mom is a beer drinker. Her beer always has been, and always will be Budweiser. So shout out to them! lol But I've never been able to find my beer. I must've tried over 20 to 30 different beers while I was at the show and didn't find anything that I had liked. Well, turns out I liked the Coney Island Rootbeer that has a small percent of beer in it, and of course that I love Oreo's!

But the other night I found myself walking around the Venetian hotel. Wasn't looking for anything specific, just seeing what was out there and what I could've possibly missed cause there's always something new on the Strip. And low and behold, what do I find? Trustworthy Brewing Company! No I'm not being sarcastic, that's their name, and their name fits! Here I found my first beer that I can honestly say I would walk in and ask for that beer.

That night I had a wonderful lady show me around their new premises, and let me tell you that place is huge! They have BBQ, Ski Ball, Sports, and rooms for private events, all while housing 5 different beers that they brew on property. Man, I didn't think the Venetian would have something that cool, not going to lie. After she showed me around and I told her the story about me not finding my beer she challenged me to turn down 2 different beers. Loving her confidence in their product I took her up on the offer. I sat as she poured 2 beers, one is T-Shirt Weather (left), the other Gigil (right). Well all I can say is I had a great time, and I can't wait to go back and grab me a T-Shirt Weather and some of that delicious looking BBQ. Yes that's the name of the beer lol. Aren't they great!

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