A Word From the Editor-N-Chief of Las Vegas Radio News Paper “Why Authors and Poets” (No Singers and Rappers Allowed) “Read Why”

I have to admit, I’m just a little sad to Sin City go back to The Caffeine Radio, but I understand why. I’m not here to make friends, nor am I going to pretend this isn’t a business. I’m all about just that, reason why I wanted to get into the Publishing Industry! I have looked into Las Vegas Talk Radio Industry and I’m simply not impressed of what’s been going on. So I watched and learned, and studied the mistakes of  other’s. I purposely picked the people who I wanted to lead the company I was going to create. I was lucky to convince Mr. Black Tie and The Socialite DJ to lead the dream!

One thing I don’t understand is that why aren’t there real writer’s out there online? Seriously, I’ve seen so many authors and poets on Facebook and LinkedIn and yet they aren’t doing anything. lol That’s the silliest, most stupid shit ever! Author’s and Poet’s make the best marketers and are freaking brilliant socialist! It only make sense that a person who can create emotions out of words would be perfect for Talk Radio. But then again would they? I mean it would seem no one on Facebook or on LinkedIn are making big moves. I see a lot of people have read my shit, by my product BS. But no one is doing anything else but me. I’m glad I quit the writing books. Because one thing I know is when something is good, the word gets out, no matter what. The one big reason why I sought out Freeedom Mercado and Traveling Kicks.

I have heard a lot of things about these two unique, beautiful people fighting the good fight. Doing more than most would do in a week in just one day! I’m a money maker and I have done my share of hard work. I believe Las Vegas Radio News Paper is going to be a great path for many, if the right ladies and gentlemen come aboard of course. I would hope authors and poets come by the hundreds, at least I know Las Vegas Radio News Paper would have content. I mean I’m so tired of hearing about these people who don’t have no background in any kind of creativity or writing skills. Saying they can help me or some company out through social media. I mean really? No one can help a published author or poet out, unless your going to by the book? lol I mean have you ever heard a Poet talk about his or her work? (No one can out talk a poet or an author but his/her work). So with that said, I figured I’d do better than some stupid social media company or person who claims they do social media for a living career.

I’m going to make Las Vegas Radio News Paper an outlet for authors and poets. I’m going to give them a chance to do their own talk radio show and have a venue to promote their books or poetry. Most authors and poets seem to be very smart and creative individuals. Which if by any common sense they see the opportunity of getting a new way to get through doors of marketing as well as getting new fans and keeping the old ones not bored . (I’m sure I don’t have to point it out do I?) I know rappers and singers wont get it? Their up their own asses to much to figure something unique and creative beside spitting high pitch sounds and gangster and hoes this and that verses. But as I said before I’m doing this for the poets and authors.

-Tommy Wilroku

Editor -N-Chief

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