Coffee Grounds Goes to the Nab

It wasn’t going to be easy as I thought , covering The Nab Show ! Due to the Fact there was so many Bloggers as well as Vloggers to Journalistic Writers there. Independent photographers to photojournalist for major news publications.

Reporters , Editors , Columnist was everywhere in the Pressroom. Typing , chatting, drinking coffee , some even debating on certain topics of news instrests. Here I was trying to stay afloat with the knows knows and whos and whats lol. Yet I was there watching as they came by the hundreds , Bloggers and Vloggers as well. Yeah I allowed to be part of this awesome crowd of elite journalism world.

During the The Nab Show which was dedicated to to educating not just those attending members of the The Nab Show. But giving those in the Media workflow tips and advice on how to stay in the Mainstream of the Media Industry.The Nab Show is a great starting point for a Blogger or anyone who is ready to upgrade their following.The Nab Show will not just show you how to get more viewers.But what you need to do to be able to do that.

I learn a lot through the panels they had their. From starting point on how important it is to constantly one needs to keep upgrading ones equipment. i Also learned the importance of growth for viewers, listeners and reader’s to be witness too! I also found out sponsors love to be apart of that as well!

Mr. black tie

Mr.BlackTie Newest Show of Coffee Grounds witht Music Production by The Socialite DJ !

Posted by Colored People Magic on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

My Show Coffee Grounds was blessed due to the point i figure out a lot . Coffee Grounds now had sponsors. My first time at The Nab Show it was so humbling. I learn so much as well and grew from it! Which I was able to bring a few Sponsor’ and Supporters with me this Last Nab Show. From such Deity Microphones with their Support Audio became ten times better for interviews! My Image Became sharper as well thanks to London Suits

My traveling with equipment went way smoother thanks to Lowes with awp backs packs!Which was perfect to carry through out my adventures at The Nab Show. I learn to Perfect my my show as well how to put more content to Coffee Grounds. I believe now form what I have learn at The Nab Show is making a Impact to my Viewers , Readers as well Followers. If You get a chance you need to check it out!By the way if you want to know more about marketing. Blogging as well you should check out my new project The Blogger!

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