About Us

Las Vegas Radio Newspaper

Welcome to Las Vegas Radio Newspaper! A production created by the people; Seriously so many people came together to create this! Much love to the men and women of The Panel, The Foundation, and the founders of the Anti-Social Society Club. They were a great help in creating, producing and sharing us.

We wanted something new, something positive, but also something creative with a new source of positive energy. Many of you sent so much feedback on what you think Vegas needs and what was missing here and around the world. You ladies and gents poured it on and told us what you wanted; Well we heard you! We know there's so much negativity out there. But we also know that here at Las Vegas Radio Newspaper the hunger for good news is needed and wanted! We are looking for and creating artists as well those who are informed about news and reporting.

We are the power of knowledge and creativity, and are showing what it can do when set on the right path! We know there is need for learning and entertaining, we know that wonderful feeling that you get when you're learning form another means on a positive level! We know that's what you ladies and gents want for Las Vegas Newspaper, heck it's what we want! With your feedback we wanted to let you know that you guys are not going to go unheard. We hear all of your concerns and suggestions and through that Las Vegas Radio Newspaper was born. Your emails of love and support means so much to us. Please keep telling us your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and concerns. We are for the people!


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