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Hey guys, I’m back! Lol I know, I know it’s like where do I keep going. But you know somebody gotta help out around here on the technical end. Lol Independent Artist issues. And that’s what I’m going to be talking about. Just that Independent Artist Issues. Why? Because I don’t get to let out my frustrations of this topic often. I don’t want someone to think I can’t take the stress, or my skin isn’t tough enough, or what ever other clichés some hater wants to think of. No this isn’t about any of that this is about me being able to freely talk shit, so to speak. So today I will be exercising my First Amendment right and hopefully you will get my humor of things. 🙂

There’s this thing out there in the world that gives someone the creative ability to naturally do something, it’s called talent. And with a little hard work and discipline that talent can become a skill. Now that you’ve acquired a skill, what do you do; You take that skill put some effort, and training behind it and you have the tools to create an idea that you can have your own business. A business for yourself. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG! Here’s what no one else talks about.

So now that you have decided to go into business for yourself you have to get business. Sounds easy, you know plenty of people, have plenty of family, old classmates, teachers, co-workers, the start up is going to be easy, especially since this is a time where people love to encourage small businesses and honest hard working people. Now remember this is the just the beginning part right before you want to take your idea to the rest of the world. So because it’s mostly with people you know it should be easy, they should support because they love you right? WRONG! Don’t none of them suckers support, NONE. They’ll tell you they like it, in a text or call, they’ll even like a couple of posts, and if you’re lucky you will even get a few shares of your new business from your 2 bestfriends. But we all know that isn’t nearly enough to get noticed, not even a wink in your direction to really help get you going. But then you take a moment and scroll on your social media and you see them buying all this dumb shit, and talking about dumb shit, and sharing and liking dumb shit but not your really cool awesome work. You will see them talking about things that are damn near what you do and yet no support. They’ll go to events that they have to pay to get in but won’t even come see your free show. Good support almost never comes from the ones you thought would.

Then you go out into the world and you push your ass off, now you know that this is your business and it’s only up to you to make it succeed. Your out there pushing and finally start to get something, it’s good and you’re feeling good about it. Maybe you made your first official track, completed your first painting to sell, your first song and video or what ever it is; You’re feeling pumped like your on top of the world and your ready to share it with everyone especially the ones you love and thought would support. Maybe they will now, someone likes your work so they should now too. Nobody liked it before but everyone enjoys the bandwagon. A few more of them take notice, and they’re all liking your page and your posts. But you still need to kick it up a notch!

Now you have to figure out how to get your social media up. It sounds easy enough considering people go viral everyday and dumbasses make money off their stupid videos. You put yours up and you barely touch 100 if your lucky you will even get that high. Now your feeling discouraged again. DONT, KEEP PUSHING. You start perfecting your craft, and now work is coming from your hard work, hours, labors, and countless hours of no sleep are starting to pay off. Your back excited and things are going good. Now your feeling like you need to hit up some bigger companies because the only way to make it big is to work with bigger folks. Your being told you need sponsors, media following, manager, agent, AHHHH! So what do you do, you turn back to those who were saying they support you so you can get a social media impact. A lot of them will overlook your cries for help, or they’ll comment and say they love what you’re doing. Not sharing but commenting…


I’m telling you guys being an independent artist is probably the most scariest thing that I’ve ever endured. I’m always being overlooked and it’s not just because I’m short. Lol No, I have the issue of being a woman on my side, which no one talks to unless they’re trying to hook up. Let’s not count how many times I’ve been passed up because I won’t do sexual favors. I have the issues of how I dress. And I’m not even going to get on that. One minute I look too boyish with a hat, than I’m too pro-black with my hair, than I’m not sexy enough because I won’t show my bodily assets. And I hate to even have to discuss this but apparently this will always be an issue, I’m just going to lay it all out there right; I’m a 1. Young 2. Black 3. Woman that’s 4. Bi-Sexual and 5. Not getting naked for nobody. It can become overbearing and exhausting!

This wasn’t written to discourage anyone, this is to only show you guys why they have the term “Struggling Artist”. We struggle, and we struggle hard. Our concepts aren’t always understood, our vision isn’t always seen, our taste isn’t always heard. We are often over looked, because we’re artists, and in the real world that isn’t a job.

This is scary not because I don’t love what I’m doing but because what I love doing has absolutely nothing to do with what the people I want to work with are even saying. See I’m a DJ, I began producing my own music. Mostly for my show and station because I got tired of my stuff getting taken down for copyright issues when I’m not even claiming the music. I DJ, I’m not a promoter. I’m not a stripper/dancer. I’m not T&A. I’m a gosh darn DJ! They want us to have thousands of followers, but how many people actually know who a DJ is before a big company tell you who they are. How many DJ’s really get that recognition they deserve until THAT company puts you out. Hell to the average joe a DJ is a walking Juke Box who should know every song out there with the artist and if you don’t know it or don’t have it how dare you call yourself a DJ. But one of my favorite quotes says “We’re all no one, until someone that’s someone says your someone”.

I’ve gone through the hoops like any successful artist will tell you, now I’m just trying to find my lane. I’m trying to find THAT company for me. I’m out here hitting the pavements, and social media trying to find gigs. Shoot I want to be DJing 5-7 days a week, I want to have cool headphones, and a nice stage set up. I can only get so far by myself. I mean in the past 5 to 6 years it’s only been me and my partner Mr. Black Tie. Out of everyone who said they supported us, people, family, companies none of their support stick. I guess support is like gum, as long as the flavor is there. I’m out her conducting business so that I can be a successful DJ and pay my bills. I feel that if I work it works. It’s something that I tell people often, “If you work, it works” prayers only get you so far. So to all of my independent artists out there don’t give up, people are full of shit, your important, if your art is pure than it is wanted. Don’t believe me submit it! send it in guys!

Written By: The Socialite DJ

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