Is she just a animal?

Is your dog or cat just an animal or are they your fur babies?

Is she just a dog or is she your fur baby? That’s a good question these days. Most folks like me just adore and spoil their little fur babies. We enjoy the silly things they do, dress them up in cool clothes, doggie daycare and when we are sick, sad or just have a bad day they are right by our side with unconditional love.

The other’s think they are just animals or private property. Those are the people that annoy me the most. They get a pet and treat it like it’s nothing. who does that?

A few weeks ago I heard just that come out of my 13 yr old nephews mouth. His Mom is one of those that it is what it is and just a dog. My nephew came out to feed his dog and couldn’t find the bowl, he tossed the food on the hot cement for his dog to eat. When I asked why he did that his response was” Auntie, she’s just a dog”I could not believe what I was hearingThat poor little dog being treated so badly. I am so glad I taught my kid better than that, she is an animal lover like me and would do anything to keep an animal safe from those that would mistreat a defenseless dog, cat or other creature.

As I wake up in the morning the 1st thing I do is let my little one out and clean and change the water bowl that is only cleaned by me. My nephew’s dog is left alone locked up in the family room and only gets to go out when I let her out to do her business and have water. I get yelled at by my family because I feed my little Princess in my room where it is cool from the summer heat and she has fresh bottled water, never anything from the tap. My nephew’s dog gets tap water, cheap dog food that is not healthy at all, very little interaction from him and his mother. During the school year, my nephew comes home and hit’s his room to do his homework as his dog tries to get his attention and is ignored or yelled at to shut up.

Sadly this will be her little life. All alone over 13 hour’s a day and when her people get home it’s never seeing her 1st to let her know you love her or let her out to do her business, get water, etc but they get changed, make dinner, feed the dog, homework, and bed. I think someone forgot to tell these people that a pet is a lifetime commitment! Not a nic nac you leave on a shelf and dust of every few days. They need love and interaction with their human family. They are part of the family.

So what happens to some of these sweet soul’s? Some live in a home alone and get attention and love when the human’s feel like it or when they have time. Some get dumped and left to fend for themselves, put on craigslist for free, others wind up in a shelter and those are the unlucky ones with all the kill shelters over 200 thousand+ healthy dog’s and cats are killed every year in shelters to make room for more. Yes, at least 60 percent + are purebred’s.

So how do we break the idea of animals in the home being just that? We teach our children the importance of all life, teach them that animals have feeling as we do and they are more loyal than most humans out there these days. Remember, they may be just an animal to you, but you are their whole world. Yet in this growing world of irresponsible pet owners who do not get pet’s spayed, neutered, shot’s and worse, leave them to fend for themselves alone all day with no access to water either inside the home or locked in the backyard, this is not right.

While summer is here please remember cool clean water for your fur babies, if the concrete is to hot for you then it is too hot for your pet’s, never leave your pet in a locked car in the summer heat, always make sure your fur baby is healthy and loved, they are part of the family. And if you ever have to re-home your beloved pet, please find a rescue or foster that will take them in, never leave them at a shelter, they have 72 hours may be an extra day or 2 and then they cross rainbow bridge in a horrible way.

In closing my weekly rant I would like to ask you to please not to buy from breeders or pet stores, there are so many wonderful animals waiting for forever homes in the shelter’s, Foster’s and rescues and a huge portion are purebred dogs and catsGive them a chance at a good loving life, save them from that last walk to the euthanasia room. Remember they are a lifetime commitmentIf you can’t make that full commitment to giving that pet a good life and the proper care, then please don’t get one.

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