Wild Horses

Our Wild Horses and Burros Need protection!

Anyone that knows me and knows me well, knows I have a passion for horses. Back in the day when I was a teenager, I had a backyard full of horses, yet I never had the great honor to see America’s Wild Mustang’s and the majestic beautiful creatures they were meant to be back then.

I took my daughter one day to the teeny town of Cold Creek, Nevada just to see the wild horses and to my surprise, there was a whole heard just grazing off the side of the road. We were both excited! I got out of my car with my camera to take pictures, I got as close as I could and out of nowhere came this yearling foal and stuck her nose right in my camera. You could see the tears come down my face knowing what the horrible possibilities were for her future.

Wild Horse round-ups are horrible and cruel. The wranglers don’t care about the horses well being. Some think it is cool to watch hired wranglers on horseback and in helicopters chase these beautiful creatures to full exhaustion, not realizing the fear and harm it is not only doing to the adults but the babies are so fragile that most die from not only the fear, the injuries are horrible to such a young horse. Some think the horses running from the evil wranglers are just kicking up dirt. This is not so, what they think is the sweat steam coming off their terrified bodies.

Babies are separated from their mothers before they are ready to ween, the stallion’s separated from his mares and babies. Most are lucky enough to be adopted to loving homes, the unlucky ones go to either slaughter purchased by kill buyers or are put down due to injuries from the horrific round-up.

What can we do to keep them safe from harm for future generations to enjoy in the wild? I can tell you there is nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature and all of her children. My biggest fear is that future generations to come will never have the chance to see things like this in person due to humans killing off our animals in the wild, not just the horses. write letters, make calls, no nothing seems to work to keep this cruel act from happening. There has to be a way that we can stop this from happening. What gives humans the right to inflict such cruel acts on an animal and there are no charges because they are a government entity? Or are they just an animal that doesn’t deserve to live in peace in the wild?

This poor baby is dying as her mother watches helplessly due to a horrific BLM round-up.

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