Socializing at The NAB Show with The Socialite DJ

Being a Radio Personality isn’t hard at all. But becoming a successful Radio Personality DJ is a challenge! Where do you start?, is the big question. I am blessed to have the opportunity to start DJing but also begin my talk radio show. Which has given me the slight edge over other DJs and talk Radio Personalities. Well at least with the DJ’s I keep bumping into anyway lol. But I also began to meet other DJs and Radio Personalities who had better equipment.

And they weren’t getting anywhere with what they had. I myself didn’t have very fancy equipment when I began the adventure of becoming a Radio Personality DJ.

I soon began to understand there is a lot more to this career choice I had chosen. I began to learn from experience I didn’t need fancy equipment, not until I was ready for bigger gigs and events. I needed to be ready for just about anything and everything. My first training into really understanding the professional qualifications of what is needed to be a successful Radio Personality DJ happened at the NAB Show.

From the lectured meetings and exhibitions, I knew I had to make my Radio Personality DJ brand name stronger. I learned that my social activities had to be stronger than what it was. Also find more networking opportunities to strengthen my Radio Personality DJ career. The NAB Show covered all aspects of communications. I learned about the inroads into broadcasting and marketing. The broadcasting business has adapted to the new world of social networking. Social Media has changed the old ways of broadcasting. Not that I did old-school broadcasting but I sure learned from it. Thanks to the internet anyone can not just up and run an online radio station.

Traveling Kicks Travels to NAB Show and Talks with Deity

The Socialite DJ travels with Traveling Kicks to NAB Show and talks with Deity Microphones about their newest up and coming mic! Tap in as they tell us what features it will include, and comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions for their next mic! Deity wants to hear from you!!!

Posted by Colored People Magic on Friday, April 12, 2019

Which I have been working, since my first time going to NAB Show. The NAB Show taught me that practical solutions can handle high scale problems. You just have to have clarity on what you’re in need of. I myself wanted to do something groundbreaking for my Radio Personality DJ career. The opportunity happened for me when I picked up Deity Microphones for audio. Those mics changed everything for me, as well did my knowledge on Social Media and Social Networking. By this time I have learned the ins and outs of what works for my listeners and viewers. The NAB Show elevated my Marketing and Social Marketing knowledge. My social networking performance just didn’t help me to get support. But it helped me get the right interviews for my listeners and viewers for my show Traveling Kicks.

I learned how to move content swift enough to exceed high expectations and keep the show moving forward. I know social media management can successfully deliver with branding globally on a grand scale. Every time I went to The NAB Show I got more efficient and accurate for my show Traveling Kicks.

I have learned about video solution and how to blend it into a seamless platform which clients will enjoy through high quality. Traveling Kicks has not just matured in content, but my performance on how to interview and choice of topic for each show has enhanced. I learned so much about stream broadcasting and the internet. Social Media is part of it all and everything must blend in harmony together. I believe this is my third Nab Show, things are very different for me. I’m more alert of what I want for Traveling Kicks.

I plan to bring more visual effects as well more experiences and knowledge from The NAB Show. I will continue pushing my Radio Personality DJing Career as well as my show Traveling Kicks. Till I feel it as at a place I feel is right. But then again what I have learned from The NAB Show, one can always upgrade. Until then remember Socializing Is A DJ Must!

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