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Liz and DangerousDi

What’s the best way to spend time with out of town friends and family?

A Stay-cation!!!!

Why not book rooms at the same hotel and just all have fun at the same time? Yes that’s a fab idea and that’s what I did last week with my sister from another mister from the land down under!

My Sister Liz comes to visit Vegas almost every year, yet leaving the states 2 years ago to live in Australia it has been 2 years since she has been here.

We hooked up at the New New York Hotel and Casino last Tuesday evening and hit the ground running! Yes after we took our luggage to the room, we unpacked and hit the casino floor to Nine Fine Irishmen inside the casino. Things were like old school Vegas. As we walked up to the entrance you could hear the band and wonderful Irish music playing. Everyone remembered Liz, which was totally cool, she introduced me to everyone including the band who was super happy to see her! We hit the bar and ordered Drunkin Peaches which were served in pint glasses and tasted like a real peach just off the tree. Be very careful with this drink, it is so yummy you will fall off your chair! As the evening went on we talked to some of the band and then met 2 beautiful ladies from Ireland, Ashley and Catherine, who were visiting on holiday. The band was stellar and I enjoyed watching the ladies dancing and having fun. As we ended the evening at 3 am the ladies from Ireland, Liz and I looked for more live music, but sadly on a week night it was not happening. We all went back to our rooms to get ready for the next day!

Wednesday was shopping around to see who had the best prices on gift’s for Liz’s family. We walked the strip finding some pretty cool souvenir shops we planned to return to grab gift’s the last day of the stay-cation. We headed back to the hotel to get ready for the 1st of 2 shows , I was excited, 1 show I know well and have seen many times and the 2nd I have never seen. A fast bite to eat and off to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino!

Liz and Paul Shortino
Liz and Paul Shortino

Liz had never seen Raiding the Rock Vault which is a all rock n roll review at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino that was recently sold earlier this year to Virgin Resorts. We hit will call for out tix to make sure we got really good seats, roamed around the casino to check out all the fabulous memorabilia before it is gone. The saddest thing was pulling up to the Hard Rock and not seeing the huge guitar that graced the corner of Paradise and Harmon for many years and the Hard Rock Cafe ( which moved to the strip) just a empty building. Just heartbreaking for me since I spend as much time there as I can. We sat in the bar waiting for the fans to get inside, we had assigned seats so it was so we weren’t worried. Front row perfect seats! The Show started and Liz had a blast, rocking and singing to all the songs of our youth played by the musicians that did it back in the day. I think this is a show Liz will for sure see again when she comes back hopefully next summer and this time we will make time to hit the pool, lol.

The 2nd show was Thursday night, after a day of more shopping on the Vegas strip we landed at Planet Hollywood for Zombie Burlesque. I have never seen this show. Grabbing a bite to eat prior to the show at the Mexican Restaurant next to the venue ,since we had time to burn, was wonderful. Catching up on things and making plans for Friday being our last night together till next visit was fun. After dinner we headed up the stairs to have a drink and get seated for the show! I’m not going to tell you much about the show because if you haven’t seen it I don’t want to spoil it for you! Zombie Burlesque is a must see, full of music, comedy, zombies of course and some acrobatics that will keep you laughing the whole time. Yet watch out the Zombies get hungry entertaining you and you could be in a bit of danger!! lol. This is more of a adult show and not for children.

As Friday came, we went back to the stores to grab gift’s for Liz’s family and headed to the Bellagio to see the gardens. So beautiful and peaceful, enjoying the flowers and Koi pond, we relaxed a tad then jumped a cab to the Excalibur so Liz could get her water massage and then dinner at Camelot Steak House! The food was awesome and reasonably priced. For $45 I was able to get a Ribeye with a huge loaded baked potato, the best french onion soup ever and desert! A wonderful Steak house with a small cozy atmosphere! I will be going back again, it was my 1st time there. Nice to know we have good places to eat with reasonable prices. Since it was our last night at New York New York after we took everything back to the room we headed down for our finial time to Nine Fine Irishmen and met up with Ashley and Catherine. I went up early due to eating way to much food and Liz stayed behind with the girls. It was sad saying good bye to our new friends from Ireland yet the Stay-Cation was almost to the end. 5am we were packed up and out the door to check out. We walked to the cab stand, Liz caught a cab to the airport and me one home. I have to say the stay-cation idea was a great one. The money saved on gas and parking was a nice chunk of change and allowed me to have a few extra dollars.

Till next time have a great week and a better weekend!! Much love to you all…

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