The Socialite DJ goes through the ASD Show and finds My Audio Pet

This year I went to the ASD show for the first time, and I must say that it was definitely an interesting show. It wasn’t what I was used to seeing at a show, but definitely an experience in it’s own. I’m not going to lie, in the beginning it was a bumpy start. Trying to figure out the badges and stuff. But once we got in with no more issues, the ball was rolling.

I must’ve walked around that show for hours, looking for something that’s talk worthy. I mean, don’t get me wrong; There were good things there, but nothing cool to where I wanted to blog. I can write about things, but I know my listeners and readers and they know when my tips hit these keys that the product is going to be fire!

So it was the last day, and I was hopelessly walking around. I was for sure I wasn’t going to find anything to talk about. Then I found this booth in the last aisle, bright colors and interesting looking. So naturally my mind peeked like, “oooh, what’s that?” These things reminded me of the TY babies that I would collect when I was younger, but better!

Using his love of family and music founder KJ Robinson created My Audio Pet; And let me tell you guys, I love these little speakers. They’re seriously amazing! They’re small and palm size and very cute for kids or even just for yourself in an outting. The thing I love most about these little guys is the sound. For something so small you wouldn’t expect a sound as great as that. And for a full on boombox sound you can connect your device to not one but 2 speakers at once. Like how you have a left and a right ear, you can have a left and a right portable my audio pet. Connect your phone through bluetooth and enjoy your sounds.

Oh I haven’t even gotten to the cool part for you guys. If you download the app also, you can play games with your speaker. So this is especially cool if you have small children or a pet. Oh did I forget to mention they also have waterproof speakers so, they are definitely play proof. You can play Hide and Seek or Hot and Cold with it. It’s so cool, and they’ve even gotten it down to the small features like the sounds of the animals. I myself recieved the seal, so when I push on it it barks at me. I love it! And just like my TY babies as a child I will definitely be looking to collect as many of these speakers as I can. They have so many different designs I’m definitely looking forward to see what more comes out of My Audio Pet and My Audio Life!

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