The Socialite DJ’s Traveling Kicks announces Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks, For Homeless Teens and Children

She’s more than just another pretty, smiling, spinning, Socializing DJ!; The Socialite DJ is making the world take notice in her. Not just of her up rising DJ career, also for her causes and concerns of homeless teens and children in our cities. There are so many homeless and at risk children, over 6,000 resided here in Las Vegas alone. 2.5 million homeless children here in America; Think of how many children you see a day. 1 out of every 30 is struggling more than you or your children could even compare to. Some of those children have holes in their shoes, in this winter weather, some have no shoes at all, walking to and from school everyday in the summer barefoot, and for the “lucky” ones who does have a pair, they have to deal with the pains of being bullied, and teased because their shoes aren’t new. Being harassed by others who are fortunate enough to have parents with the ability to provide a better lifestyle.

“These kids are in desperate need and want of different. If I can make a difference in them, than I can make a difference.”  – The Socialite DJ

The Socialite DJ says she was blessed by her father who made sure she always had a fresh pair of kicks. “Every weekend this man would always go to the mall and not pick me up any cool sneakers. One day I realized he was only a half size bigger than me, let’s just say he learned to pick me up a pair of shoes with his as well. lol”

Some of her peers like her always had a fresh pair of kicks. “By the time Wednesday hit, a few of us would already be talking about what shoes we wanted to get this weekend.” Some of her friends were not so lucky though. “It was crazy to see some of the people that I was hanging out with was having those kinds of struggles. I didn’t even really know their stories I just vibe’d with their company, you never really think about your friends having those kinds of struggles.” Thus she’d give them some of hers shoes.

“A good friend is very hard to come by, I’m grateful for those times that I was able to be that good of a friend and help my friends in their times of need” –The Socialite DJ

During her up rising DJing career The Socialite DJ came and took the scene by storm! DJing at some of Vegas’s biggest and money making conventions The Socialite DJ performed at CES, SEMA, and WWD Magic, all within the beginning time period of her career.

She created a show called Traveling Kicks, which grew in listeners and viewership within a few months. Traveling Kicks is her show based on sneakers and the sneaker community and industry. The Socialite DJ is a definite Sneakerhead. (The definition of a Sneakerhead if you ask me) She knew the sneaker community would support her show, (since it was based on the Sneakerhead community) Traveling Kicks is constantly growing in popularity! 

Without notice The Socialite DJ’s DJing career began rising in the fashion industry. Starting with Pierre Phillip which was also her first residency in The Boulevard Mall. She later did gigs at Top Shop in the Fashion Show Mall for not only Christmas holidays time but New Years Eve 2016, Desigual’s Family and Friends Weekend event when they were at the Fashion Show Mall and Victoria’s Secret. One Monarchy, Edge, and Victoria’s Secret/Pink at Planet Hollywood, as well as doing Victoria’s Secret in the Venetian/Palazzo.

As well as DJing in the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace she’s DJ’d for Tourneau (The world’s largest Jewelry Shop) on multiple occasions, H&M, and Seven for Al Mankind in Caesars Palace, as well as Asics in the Premium North Outlet Mall.

The Socialite DJ knew that being on the up rising with these gigs and her show Traveling Kicks popularity growing, she knew it was time to produce Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks. A program that she created to help homeless and at risk children, teens, as well as those also with low income living who can’t afford new shoes or sad to say any shoes.  The Socialite DJ gets tennis shoes donations from those in the community. Other sneakerheads that are clearing out their collections or folks around who are cleaning out their closets.

Once she has the donations she goes into the process of cleaning and refurbishing the entire sneaker from the bottom soles (by replacing them) to the shoe laces. When she reached out she showed what the sneaker community is. They reached back and donated and offered help and services.

The first support came from Coffee Grounds Inc. who does videos, websites, marketing, social media, talk radio, and production. As The Socialite DJ put the word out about needing shoes for homeless children and teens support came from the sneakerhead community at a large amount. After she did the cleaning and refurbishing she did her first donation to NPHY (Nevada Partnership of Homeless Youth). NPHY is one of the bigger organizations that deals a lot with homeless children. Not only do they help them with supplies but they also help to house homeless teens. They have their main front office over on Tropicana and Maryland, with doors always open to donations. That was the very first donation from Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks. “That first donation, and the gratitude from Rico (representative of NPHY) let me know that this program was definitely needed” says The Socialite DJ.

Word got out and about Traveling Kicks and Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks. The Socialite DJ was able to donate once more to NPHY, thanks to Anaheim Sportswear, who had given more than just shoes, which were all brand new, she was also able to donate brand new clothes! Due to that Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks second donation happened quicker and more engaging. The Socialite DJ even DJ’d for NPHY’s Christmas Wrap Party for the children and teens! (2017) That’s their annual Christmas party where a lot of people donate their time to wrap the presents that were donated for the kids Christmas.

Things began to get bigger for Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks, as well for Traveling Kicks. Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks picked up their first official sponsor, EB Kicks Sneaker cleaner. Their product is amazing! with owners Eline and husband Kenny, they don’t only clean sneakers but hats, purses, couches, pretty much any leather or suede surface. “EB Kicks came just in time haha. Eline has been so great. Seriously! She’s genuinely into what we’re doing and even wants to help us build. Definitely helped us save to get more supplies.” Says The Socialite DJ. So now with the support of Coffee Grounds Inc. and Las Vegas Radio NewsPaper, The Socialite DJ took Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks into another direction. “I want to be able to help more kids. More inner city kids, I want to be able to go where they are also” The Socialite DJ finds another spot to donate to (she wants to help as much as she can), Project 150. Project 150 is also a non-profit organization that helps homeless and at risk teens. They’re at schools all throughout the Nevada valley, supplying foods and clothes for kids and teens. In their walls (on Rancho Dr. and Gowan Rd.) they have a store called Betty’s Boutique. “I love their concept, it’s so cool and I think it helps the kids feel more comfortable when they have options and control of what they wear.” Betty’s Boutique is where Project 150 keeps all of their clothes donations. They have it set up like a store. The way it works is a student comes in with their school student i.d and they can pick up to 10 items a week. And their selection is pretty wide ranged for both young women and men.

As time went on The Socialite DJ received more and more donations. She was getting more than she could clean! “It was getting pretty bad at home for a minute” The Socialite DJ laughs, “It was like there were so many sneakers, of so many sizes. And almost every morning I was tripping over them size 13’s. EVERY MORNING. LOL. We were getting donations from everywhere, it was so cool!” Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks received an amazing donation from Amber at WINS. (WINS is an Urban Clothing Store in Containers Park) “She must’ve donated like 10+ pairs of sneakers. She’s awesome with a capital A!” “I think the Coolest moment was getting the donations from Coolio. He donated about 4 pairs which included a pretty cool pair of Versace Sneakers. Not going to lie, I’m jealous of what ever lucky kid got their hands on those pairs, cause man! I don’t even have Versace sneakers” she says laughing uncontrollably. “I was pretty excited going into donations with this batch. The sneakers I donated to NPHY were great and helped a lot of awesome kids, but this batch showed our progress. This batch marked that what we’re doing is going into the right direction. I mean getting the donation from Amber and then the donation from Coolio! I never even thought that I would meet the man and there we were in his house while he’s trying to fix his pool, and make spaghetti. (She laughs) But this was the right move, and it’s cool because we got to help 2 great organizations that are both on the same conquest on completely different sides of town.

After that last donation, The Socialite DJ made a decision;

“I got an idea, we’re going to do something with artists, sneaker, and the kids. This is going to be EPIC!”-The Socialite DJ

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