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Sex in the City

Most of us remember the ladies from the hit HBO series Sex in the City. The story of 4 women looking for sex. romance, relationships and that great pair of Jimmi Cho’s. The storyline was awesome and it was a wonderful series. What if Carrie Bradshaw had the internet not only for her column but for her search for romance and her daily needs?

Think about it? How would things be different? Would Carrie and Mr. Big have cyber sex? Dating sites for the rest of the girls? Who knows for sure how they would interact over the net? Remember the net was just a baby when the series was created.

What do we do? Wake up and jump online, check the e-mails, check our Facebook and Twitter accounts to see if we have any hit’s or new followers. Yes, the internet has become a huge part of our world from dating to shopping for all our daily items these days. Some folks even stay on the net a better part of the day, surfing today’s waves.

Today we can find anything from sex, cyber love, television, movies, shopping and daily delivery for just about anything we want including a new car. I see the biggest issue with the internet is people don’t go out as much and when they do they are glued to the cell phone either texting, Facebooking, shopping, etc. The sad thing is we don’t communicate anymore face to face. Rarely do I see people gathering to talk and just have a good time. These day’s I hardly see the kid’s out riding bikes, playing ball, or even just chasing the ice cream truck. Most of them are inside either on the net or playing endless hours of video games.

What will happen to our world if people just stop going out to shop? I notice the Mall’s are almost empty, only the 4 stars + restaurant’s are crowded on weekend nights, you can find a place to park very easily at most businesses because you can do almost everything online these days including meeting with your lawyer.

Jobs are becoming few as we see computer screens in places like McDonald’s and a couple of weeks ago as we were walking the Vegas Strip we came across a robot bartender? Really and it even had a tip jar with tip’s in it.

The latest bartender in Las Vegas?

My fear is jobs will be less and less so businesses can save money as the cost of living goes up along with the minimum wage being raised from $12-$15 an hour, hours for employees will be cut to part-time and benefits won’t have to be given as well as job cut’s across the board.

So where do we go from here? Less internet time and more out time with friends and family like the day’s before the information highway called the NET. The net will always be there but quality time with our loved ones is short and sometimes not so sweet, We only have so much time on this earth so we need to make it worth living instead of being so much cooler online!

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