Traveling Kicks Partners and Works with Project 150 Helping Homeless Teens

Traveling Kicks has been working! As we are now on Las Vegas Radio Newspaper we’re taking things up another level. We are proud to announce that we are now also working with another non-profit organization Project 150! This is such a great feeling, knowing that we are helping to get fresh kicks for homeless teens all over Vegas.

We are exceptionally looking forward with this move. Project 150 deals with a lot of the inner city teens as they’re in and dedicate to a more needy neighborhood. We are looking forward to working with Project 150 and their boutique. Oh, I almost forgot about Betty’s Boutique.

Project 150 has a store for the teenagers that can get there and are in need of help with food, clothes, etc. But Betty’s Boutique was definitely something different. The teens are allowed to go in there once a week and pick out 10 items that they need, FOR FREE. All they need is their school I.D. Isn’t that impeccable! Clothes range from T-Shirts, Pants, Dresses, Shoes, Undergarments, and Footwear (This is where we come in to help).

As you guys seen before, we want our sneakers to be in as pristine condition as possible before we donate. When the kids get a pair of sneakers from Traveling Kicks, we want them to feel as if they just picked them up out of the mall themselves. That’s our goal, and we’re making it no different here with Project 150. We’ve already gotten in and donated sneakers from local boutique WINS and rapper Coolio! That’s right, we’re gaining celebrity attention.

This is such an amazing feeling getting to be apart of the growth and seeing it all come together. We are so excited that others see the necessity in our mission. We appreciate you all for you love, support, and donations! Keep them coming as we are growing, but not faster than these kids. Lol


Written By: The Socialite DJ

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