Traveling Kicks We’re Almost 2 Years Old Let’s Recap

All my life I knew that I was going to do something with sneakers. What?; who knows, my ideas are limitless! But I'm glad that I was definitely able to use my ideas for the better first. Traveling Kicks is like my baby! It's 2 year is coming up too. Oh man, I'm so excited. Lol, seriously though. It's been a long, rough, but interesting 2 years so far. We done through some trenches.
In our first year we almost weren't able to do anything. Like no one wanted to even touch us for free work! Can you believe it, I went to like 5 different boutiques and got nothing. No love. Like I would go in there, and tell them that I would like to cover their boutique talking about their sneakers, their store, and talk to them about sneakers in general. You know having a regular conversation about sneakers, and their stores concept. How they got into sneakers etc. And they all would turn me away. Luckily my partner Mr. Black Tie was able to get some to say yes, and we were able to cover them. I seriously expected a different response to free advertisement. Lol But we got to do some and that brought us into the next step was doing something.
That's how I came up with my idea for Yo Kid! Fresh Kicks. Where we take donated sneakers, (used, new, any condition) and restore them to be as new as possible. From there we donate it to organizations that we work with like NPHY, and Project 150 who does a lot in helping homeless and at risk youth through our valley. They really do great work, like I almost feel that my project is miniscule compared to their efforts. But still I know my project is working because not only has some of the kids that were getting bullied because of their clothes started going back to school since these donations; But we've actually helped a student play soccer by getting him cleats and he got a scholarship! Like I don't know how to express this but that feels freaking amazing! So the little things like that is how I know the program should be in existence and that it's not a pipe dream. It's crazy because I've had people tell me that I shouldn't do it, or some thought I should but their way on their time. Like how could I depend on those empty promises. This is my program, and it's going to help! I don't even want to know what they thought they would be able to do or get away with while using the kids I plan to help in the process. I hate alternative motives. :/ All through out the negativity we pushed forward. Not only did we begin to work with these non-profits we gained sponsorship in our first year. Much love to Eline and EB Kicks. You have been a great supporter in all that we do, and we love you here at Traveling Kicks!
So the next step is that once we can get our event through and done, Traveling Kicks will travel! Bringing you shows and shoes in cities all over!!!

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