Welcome Radio Personalities and Dj’s and Listener’s !

There are very nasty and mean people out there we are not those people and nor ever will be.
Music and Blogs at it Best !

So here we go everyone Las Vegas Radio News Paper is fully Running with Djs and Radio Personalities on oh my! I have to Admit going to retrieve the Infamous one and only Mr.Black Tie of Coffee Grounds was the most smartest thing I ever did in my life! What is even smarter was getting to ask The Socialite Dj of Traveling Kicks to come along as well! These two are a unstoppable force of Positive energy!I’m so proud of them both not just getting things done! But Bringing some very talented Radio Personalities and DJ’s along with them! I’m very excited to tune into these shows everyday of the week! Also I want to welcome those of the The Caffeine Radio to Las Vegas Radio News Paper as well! Merging both Stations was My Idea,after seeing what was happening to the station. I believe I can do more than take The Caffeine Radio into its Glory Days and Up lift it to one of the Most Positive Radio Stations on the Freaking Planet! At the same time rock The Globe with Talk Radio and Music on Las Vegas Radio News Paper!

My Plans For Both Stations is Having the them both find their own Harmony !

Im very proud of Mr.Black Tie and The Socialite Dj They have stayed on their course ( even at times I didn’t want them too lol ).I’m glad I didn’t or better the words would I couldn’t convince them to go their path course.As well I’m excited to be rockinn the Las Vegas Radio NewsPaper with Radio Personalities and Djs ! Till Next Print ! Keep Tuning in !

Editor N Chief ! Tommy Wilroku

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