Y’all Keep Tripping about The Mother of DRAGONS ! Y’all need to be watching out for GrayWorm! Epsically you Jon Snow!

They Gave a Close up on how Gray Worm watched Jon Snow react to the Mother dragons !

Have you seen the way he has been checking Jon Snow out ? There is something going on their Ladies and Gents! I’m just saying the Queen and Gray Worm has been plotting on some Little Finger shit! I’m just saying take another look at the show. Gray Worm is not Playing around with Snow, have you seen the way he watched Snow in the Battle at Kings Landing? Just something to think about I think Mother of Dragons got Gray Worm ready to take out the Snow!

Dude said no to giving her some Snow!

On the Real The Mother of Dragon wanted to get Laid! ( If your saying you haven’t been there Your a Liar ! ) It wasn’t love she wanted from Snow, he gave her that lol. She had no way to let go until she was on that Dragon! I also believed Gray Worm knew The Mother what the Plans was going to be. I Believed she wanted to see where was Snow true Loyalty at? Seriously Gray Worm Bro for a good damn minute! Anyway I’m just saying I wont be surprised if Gray Worm tries to Kill the Snow!

I’m just saying ..

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